The Great Digital Pyramid Rally of 2017 – Bitcoin and Egypt at All-Time Highs

The markets around the world continue to romp.

Today, Facebook and Tesla report earnings.

Facebook has so many dials to push that Mark Z. will probably decide on the numbers to report in real time.

Tesla also reports earnings, but his loyalists will declare any negative threads as ‘fake news’

Yesterday I brought up the all-time highs in Apple and the stock continued to romp.

The iPhone X is getting rave reviews (I have not ordered one but plan to buy one). Here is a deep review from Above Avalon.

Yesterday I had to head to the store in SOHO to help explain a few things on my new Apple watch (with cellular service). I also lost my Airpod case and had a cracked screen. It was not free, but I got all that I needed and was sent back into the streets feeling good about my investment.

Apple is now just 16 percent away from $1 trillion.

In the low volatility market we are in, Apple could get to $1 trillion with a great Christmas season.

Nothing says low volatility more than the Dow which has gone a RECORD 51 days without an intraday 1 percent move.

While Trump is in a lather about the US Stock market, Egypt’s stock market has more than Doubled in 2017 to an all-time high. An all-time high in Egypt covers a real long time.

Not to be outdone, Bitcoin is hitting more all-time highs at $6,400. While the media discusses the Bitcoin Bubble, JC puts it out there that maybe the bubble already happened.

I love this Bitcoin description by early adopter/investor in them Albert Wegner who says:

How about Bitcoin? Oddly I think that Bitcoin continues to be misunderstood by many people in the cryptocurrency space who want it to be more than it has to be for it to succeed. It is one of those cases where the more you know, the more you are likely to overthink it. Yes, Bitcoin has all sorts of drawbacks as a blockchain, but it is the one cryptocurrency with a widely understood use case: censorship resistant store of wealth. Fiat currencies, precious metals and real estate (including land) all have more government control and/or are more difficult to move around and transact in than Bitcoin. With everything crazy that’s going on in the world politically, the demand for censorship resistant wealth storage is high and growing.

Enjoy these wonderful markets and opportunities while you can.