Grinding through the Wall of Worry…and Some New and Old Ideas….Chegg, LULU, Google and

The US markets are not necessarily climbing, but definitely grinding through a dizzying ‘wall of worry’

$SPY $DIA $NFLX $TSLA Bears rejected hard off the open, still missing bigger picture, covering may become concern

— Arun Chopra CFA, CMT (@TopDownTechnicals) Aug. 17 at 11:01 AM

As a grizzled old trader friend says of this market – It is as tight as a bull’s ass in fly season:

After 157 trading days in '15, the Dow has traded in just a 6.44% range. This is the tightest range EVER. $DIA

Ryan Detrick (@RyanDetrick) Aug. 17 at 03:26 PM

This grind could really end in the mother of all crashes:

I know you kids eat this crap up. End Of The World Starts This Month. Enjoy. $SPY $SPX $ES_F

— Honest Truth (@HonestTruth) Aug. 16 at 02:34 PM

Despite the end of world being upon us, there are some ideas I have decided to add. I posted them on Stocktwits but here they are again now – $CHGG and $LULU

In short, I like the price action and I believe both have many macro and micro catalysts. Since I am posting them on the blog I will follow up on them if things change. In the spirit of Jim Cramer and CNBC calling anything they like ‘The Amazon of _____’ I will just call Chegg the Amazon of Education and LULU the Amazon of golf pants for pear shaped men.

I have also been long Google a long time and am tempted to add more. They are battling everyone and the stock acts well. If was not for the EU aggravation the stock would already be much higher. I am not sure what else the markets could throw at Google. Everyone already knows the EU battle will be a distraction and an extortion. Everyone knows (by everyone I mean dummies like me) Apple wants search badly and could buy ‘Duck Duck Go’ at anytime and just go after web based search for shits and giggles. They have no plan for China as we speak, but but but…

I have been looking back at my prediction posts of 2015 and most have fared really well. Video and Fintech are just getting stronger in their trends. My biggest wiffs have been around security and sleep in the public markets. I don’t own Resmed anymore but it did have a good run.

To revisit a favorite quote from Alex Gurevich (who will be speaking at our Stocktoberfest):

‘The market is to be respected, but not worshipped. We are here to beat it.’

I would add keep pruning or the market will prune you!

Back to work.

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