Group Frenzy and Hilariously Rich

The New York Times just took a dump on the crypto train on the weekend in this article titled ‘Everyone is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not‘.

I met one of the roasted – Jeremy Gardner – in Tel Aviv this past November and blogged about the walk and chat we had. The kid is smart and a crack up. Nothing like the obnoxious rich yoots of past generations. I bought some of the $REP.X tokens and mentioned it in the post. At the time it was $19 and tonight the tokens are over $80 (they traded as high as $110 last week). No wonder The New York Times is upset with him. They were not in on the group chats or reading my blog and buying it for themselves.

I am not sure what Jeremy was expecting when he agreed to this piece, but I did tweet at him to never agree to major press pieces when you are doing well because they love to take you down.

What’s lost in the takedown is that this next generation is doing their own hustle and working the tools of their generation to make a few shekels. San Francisco was long gone wacko before the crypto craze, so I sighed a lot when I read the piece.

Which brings me to group chats which is not discussed enough in this era of crypto.

At the moment, I have more group chats going than ever.

I have iMessage groups, Telegram groups and Whatsapp groups. My phone is buzzing all day.

I am always bullish on groups.

You just have to be in the right groups.

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