Groupon – The First Trillion Dollar Company

Someone had to say it.

For the last 6 months, everyone has chimed in on the negative side on Groupon $GRPN. It’s easy being negative.

I have read everything about the Company I ever care to and my favorite analysis comes from my friend Kristin who shops more than all of us combined.

Let’s face it though, these [email protected]#*kers got shit done. What a bold, incredibly executed something or other. They have ignighted hundreds of millions of dollars of investment and opportunity. They have got people spending money. They have Facebook, Google, Amazon and Goldman running in circles. It seems incredibly unproductive right now for sure as it seems no one is making money in the process but the founders and bankers, but who the hell really knows. I trust no one and the price will eventually reveal it all.

The ‘game’ is bigger than any one deal, one company or one IPO.

Staying IN the game is all that matters.


  1. Mark Essel says:

    Not too shy about your Grouponic Bullishness. what ya think of Yipit? (group deals aggregator)
    Same spot as search aggregators when there were several top search portals?

  2. Greg says:

    Like Pandora, I don’t understand it, don’t have any interest, so I stay away.  IPOs are hard enough to get a feel for anyway.

  3. mre says:

    revenue per user per month has been dropping precipitously. I wouldn’t touch this garbage. Hope they offer options soon so I can short the bejeezus out of it. The revenue model is seriously flawed as is. Not that they cant turn it around but I’ll wait for the evidence, not the hype.

  4. William Mougayar says:

    Of course kudos for the IPO chutzpah, but does it have to come at these high multiples and on artificial gross revenues that aren’t close to reality. Groupon is a big broker, so why don’t they book the brokerage fees, and not the amount of the transactions. Then travel agents and stock brokers could book much higher numbers. Isn’t it misleading? 

  5. RacerRick says:

    Everyone tells me that their business is too easy to duplicate.  If it were true, Google Amazon and the rest would have put them out of business.

    The guys are shit heads, but they’ve built a great list and their advertisers hate to love them.

    It could go either way.  They could learn from the last 6 months and start to really kick ass.  Or they could take their $$$ and hire Beyonce to play for them on new years eve on St. Barts.


  6. Robust capital says:

    Love them or hate them, this team built a global brand, took it public and managed to hold onto 20% of the companies & sell stock on the way up, all in three short years, they are executing machines, and that is what counts

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