Growth is not a Strategy it is an outcome… and Warren Buffett

I read this the other day and I love it:

Growth is not a strategy. It is an outcome.

I can’t remember who in my stream sent it to credit at the moment.

I am always thinking about growth for myself, the kids, Stocktwits, Social Leverage and our portfolio companies.

Maybe it is just the right vision and the thinking about it, the day to day grind of it all, and push the pushing forward that makes it all happen.

Maybe growth can be hacked or engineered, but I have always been skeptical of that. Much like ‘get rich quick’, I don’t believe sustainable growth and value will come from hacks and shortcuts.

I was watching the Warren Buffet HBO special last night and learned a bit about the old man. His accomplishments are insane. The numbers are staggering. While it was a puff piece, who better in the investing world to get one. Warren has put on the miles, read all the books, taken all the meetings despite not being a social guy, educated others, is giving his money away and seems to be liked by his kids.

He now calls himself a depleted asset. His ability to be self deprecating is my fave thing about him.

He does still seem to love his work and that’s pretty damn important.

The money, the crowds, the respect, the adulation, the ability to move markets and the style all seem to be in growth mode as he ages and they are an outcome of a life well lived. A constant moving of the chains to get to his stratospheric wealth and growth.

Growth is indeed an outcome.