Guns, Liquor, Nails and Tattoos …Make the Strip Mall Great Again 

I got on my bike late this morning in Coronado and headed south on the Strand as I always do.

Once the Strand ends I mix up my ride through Chula Vista which is the last California town north of Mexico. 

I rode by this strip mall and had to stop and try to buy it:

Talk about the perfect recession proof tenants!

I asked people on Stocktwits and Twitter who I should chase down for the other two spaces. 

Joe Weisenthal from Bloomberg said I should open a trading bucket shop. I like that if I can sell  Bitcoin, not gold. 

Pretty much the rest of my audience offered up bail bonds, liquor, divorce attorney, pawn shop, payday loans, vape and weed store and laundromat. 

I may just have to raise my offer on this sure thing.