'H' is for Hybrid… and Hype!

Moblogic is starting to get some conversation going on their site . Today’s show was a good one…checking in on Lindsay and crew always is fun for me, lately from afar.

It’s fun for me to read Andy Swan holding the ‘line’ over there getting the conversation started and generally taking the opposite of Moblogic’s point of view. I am not political but I think I may be the opposite of both Moblogic AND Andy Swan.

Adam Elend used to call me Right Wing apathetic which I would have taken as an insult if I was a passionate politico.

My views are all over the board… and generally I don’t trust anybody in poiltics or in the political conversation.

As per Hybrids’ and today’s show I love Andy’s comment today and there could be lot’s of truth to this:

Can you imagine what it’s going to be like 4 or 5 years from now trying to trade-in or sell a hybrid with 80k miles on it? The car you’re selling will have 20-40k miles expected life left on it, the technology will be laughed at because of new innovations, and the mileage will be lower than a new $10,000 Kia.

Bottom line….if you buy a hybrid, you’re paying $4,000 more now and getting $10,000 less for it later than if you would just buy an Accord and fill up 6-8 more times/year.

Keep it up Andy it’s cracking me up.

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