Hannah Montana Tickets…I Need 3

I can’t believe the prices scalpers are getting for Hannah Montana in Phoenix this Friday. Can anybody get me a good lead for my wife and kids in Phoenix this Friday. Where is the best place to find them online?



  1. mrkcbill says:

    Give me 2 of your Google shares. And its done.

    Talk about a micro trend–parents splurging on their kiddies. Hanna about caused a riot up here in KC.

  2. Todd Allen says:

    One of the San Diego radio stations is having a contest for the father who shows up in the best Hanna Montana costume. Get on it!


  3. Bill aka NO DooDahs! says:

    Umm, I thought you got your tickets on the golf course? Maybe you should GO OUTSIDE because golf is the best way to network and score tix.


  4. bill dodah = classic – touche. but I am in new york and its too cols to scare up a round.

    Maybe coial skating in central park?

    the rest of you….you are dead to me. useless.

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