Hansen's – Thinking Outside the Box

To ride trends, you need to constantly think outside the box. You need to shut off the TV, stop listening to active traders and think. You should read Techmeme for the what’s new – and than FADE their opinions because its the new best indicator that Wall Street has not found.

You need to know your product and customer. You have to keep asking ‘What If?

Today, I heartily congratulate Danny – The MoneySkater – for his insight and passion on Hansen’s (the punk has me blogrolled as UNCLE Howard. Well done. He’s not an analyst, he may not be abble to read for that matter, but he can write and skate and spot a good energy drink trend when he sees it.

As the world shrinks and social networks continue to expand, the old pricks and tech nerds will whine that social networks don’t work. They don’t work…for them. No one wants to speak to them or friend them in person, so why should that be different online.

Social Newtorks are the NEW, BEST EVER way to make money and disseminate information.

I hate letting the nerds over at Techmeme that read this blog in on this principle, but it’s a community :) .

They won’t listen, they will keep calling Web 2.0 a bubble, while us smart guys catch trends and make money.

Well done Fly and Danny. Funny stuff Fly .


  1. aaron says:

    Just got back from the X Games…Monster is dominating with this demo. That skateboarder who fell 50 ft and lived? Member of the Monster team. Did drinking Monster help him live? Well, no one can say for sure.

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