Happy 4th Everyone

It has been a fantastic couple of days off the grid for July 4th. Coronado is always a great place to celebrate and the weather has been perfect, but COVID has forced the city to cut the normal festivities.

My partner Tom rented a large house with two other families in Mission Beach and the guys all hit San Diego Country Club for golf.

My partner for two rounds was Dontrelle Willis who won a rookie of the year and the World Series in 2003.

Dontrelle lives in Phoenix now with his four daughters and wife so he’s just happy to do anything 😭😳.

Little did he know that he would have to ride with me for two rounds or he might have just stayed home. His words.

Most importantly we ham and egged really well to win all our bets again Tom and John on the first day and I made a long par putt on 18 on day two to square the match.

Today of course, we barbecue.

After checking his career earnings on Wikipedia, I joked on our day one cart photo that we were playing for $100,000/hole:

Dontrelle said he got a lot of DM’s wondering if the bet was real. So we upped it to $250,000 a hole for day two:

Life is good.

Have a great 4th everyone.