Happy 55th Howie

I am 55 years old tomorrow.

All of yesterday I thought my birthday was today. Pathetic…I know.

I am excited to turn my calendar this year. I had a great year but it was the first one that left me helpless in a hospital bed for a couple weeks. It gave me the perspective almost worthy of the pain.

I let my friends know on Stocktwits and Twitter and to let me have it…

I got some really great replies.

Here is the link if you want to scroll.

I have many faves.

Young people always ask me ‘what would you tell your 20 year old self’. I generally reply ‘buy Apple’ or ‘invest in yourself’. My friend Chris Kimble went one step further with the investing birthday wishes…

This one from my friend Tom Lydon with me deep faked onto Forrest Gump.

Matthew Prince is the CEO of a multibillion company, but played along.

This one really cracked me up…

The one that made me laugh out loud was from Josh Elman:

I did get one great financial reminder though:

It really does pay to save for old age retirement…

Thanks everyone.