Happy Apple Day

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day. I did. I love my family and friends.

I struggle with showing emotion other than my superpower of holding a grudge, so Valentine’s day is special…not to mention the giant Reese’s peanut butter hearts.

While on the subject of love, Apple hit all-time highs today. It is now a $715 billion company. Apple is on track to buy 50 percent of itself in three years.

I shared some stock chart emoji love on the streams as it happened:

On today’s Stocktwits daily email, we dedicated it to the Apple kingdom and it was a nice tribute.

It feels pretty good that Carl Icahn sold the last big dip and my daughter Rachel bought a few of his shares.

This smart gentlemen Eric did the same and shared his victory with me today:

Triple Kudos to Eric for using Stocktwits and Robinhood to buy Apple and follow it. It brings me great joy to see people investing in stocks and using the tools we dream up, build, fund and support.

As for Apple being overvalued or having it’s best days behind, I bring you my junior analyst who we do not pay enough to yet purchase Apple products…

I never thought Tim Cook should be fired, though I was pissed in 2013 he went to speak at The Goldman Sachs conference.

If Tim Cook was like Donald Trump he would be on Twitter tonight taking a few all-time high victory laps and flaming some @ haters. He would be on his ‘Fire Tim Cook‘ Facebook page poking the knuckleheads. He would be on a CNBC with Gartman.

It would be funny to watch, but not likely great for the stock on a long-term path to $1 trillion.

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