Happy Mothers Day… and A Continuation Of Markets are 10x Bigger…

I hope all the mother’s in my world have a fantastic day.

Yesterday I linked to a great post from Elad Gil titled ‘Markets are 10x Bigger‘.

The combination of the internet, people being online, Smartphones and Wifi have exploded valuations and market capitalizations. Please read the article if you are a founder or investor.

The speed of growth and stretch in valuations has been staggering since 2009.

On Friday $UBER raised $8 billion of fresh capital in their IPO. Uber would not even exist or be possible without the Apple smartphone and Google Maps.

Yesterday, Bitcoin passed $130 billion in market cap and while just a tiny fraction of the world has owned a satoshi, the brand has touched every corner of the earth.

Open Source Software companies like Elastic ($ESTC) and Mongo ($MDB) are now public and are have already stretching the imaginations of traders and investors with $5 to $10 billion valuations.

We can argue all day about valuations and markets, but while we do, I will continue to focus nearly all my investing time and money on software based businesses and e-commerce (which now includes Bitcoin and other cryptos).