Happy Mothers Day

Happy Sunday everyone.

In particular today, Happy Mothers day.

There a lot of moms that read my blog and this is your day.

I will call my mother (Sandra) right after I finish this blog post.

I love these Mother’s day cards you can get on ‘Etsy’ (search funny mothers day cards):

Ellen gets the two is a row shoutouts from the blog this year because she is a fantastic mother. Rachel, Max and Ellen have this whole communication layer thats goes on without me. It has been that way for years. I am on a need to know basis and it just works.

We have Max in the PGA program happy to be chasing his dreams and mostly launched into the world and Rachel living and working in Manhattan and enjoying the Big Apple.

I get to live my late 50’s ‘best dad life’ because Ellen and the kids have it dialed in together.

Lucky me.

I Hope all the mothers I know have a great day.