Happy New Year – and More 2015 Predictions

Happy new year everyone. I am so grateful for the turning of the page into 2015 even though for me personally and the Lindzon family 2014 was a keeper.

I prefer to live in the moment and as far in the future as I can. It works for me.

I have covered my key thoughts and trends for 2015 – here, here, and here, but will highlight some of my key ones and am adding some of the great roundups I have seen from around the web and my network.

I am long sleep and security in 2015 and beyond. For sleep I added Resmed $RMD and for security I have been long a few startups the last 5 years that have hit their stride – Billguard and Life360. I expect both to be in the news a lot more in 2015. I am also an investor in EstateAssist which I plan on being active with helping think/work through partnerships. I watched Lifelock grow and a lot of the lessons can be applied by these three private companies. Other stocks I am watching and trading in the public markets are $LOCK $SYMC and $CYBR.

Fred Wilson has a great thought post on 2015 predictions and he also has security as a top theme. Here is the security part:

10/ cybersecurity budgets will explode in 2015 as every company, institution, and government attempts to avoid being Sony’d. VCs will pour money into this sector in the same way they poured money into the rental economy. and, yet, the hacks will continue because on the open internet there is no such thing as an impenetrable system.

Verticals continue to be a focus of mine. As we go longer into this boom, risk increases along the spectrum as prices rise and experience thins. Much like the oil business, drilling deeper and from different angles becomes important. In the financial web that includes for me all my investments including Stocktwits, ChartIQ, AngelList, Crowdability, DataFox, Etoro, Robinhood, Ycharts, ClearServe and Invoost.

I thought this pick by Greg Harmon as Yahoo ($YHOO) as his stock of the year interesting and it got me thinking. I added to the thread so you can read why I also think Yahoo could surprise to the UPSIDE.

Twitter $TWTR is a stock I got long again in high $30’s and I own it purely on brand. It seems indestructible as a news and expert network. It will be up to team Twitter to pull out the best value from the product and network strengths. Great brands I tend to be a sucker for when their stocks are down 20-50 percent from their highs. Last year I was a buyer of Whole Foods into their ‘demise’ and still hold it. That has worked. Oil is not a brand…in case you were wondering. Twitter is still a young company and the stock is nearly impossible to value, so it will likely be very volatile in 2015.

To wrap it up, here are some great links to some wrap up posts on the Stocktwits Blog (which everyone should bookmark).

And finally, this great yearly wrap up from some of my favorite financial and market contributors organized by Josh Brown.

Add any of yours to the comments please.


    • Mesh Lakhani says:

      Waiting for mine! I have severe sleep apnea and what’s out there for 30 year old, relatively for person is pretty sad. Huge industry to innovation. I’m looking to every product that helps me track my sleep and collect the data.

  1. Mesh Lakhani says:

    Great. Long on security seems like a good theme for 2015. I’m long platforms that allow investors to get into deals they other wouldn’t be able to get into Angel List esque (private equity, real estate etc.) that also, includes a Robin Hood, which I love. Also, we’ll start seeing the filtering out of the ones that already exist.

    As a vertical I’m long education to how to use those platforms or know that platforms even exist. There are so many people out there in cash who just don’t know what to do with their money.

    It’s something I’m personally working on. Happy New Year Howard!

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