Happy New Year – I Hope This Year Is Mintable and Filled With Ethereum! …And The Story Of IggyPunks.

Today is Rosh Hashanah the first day of the Jewish New Year, the first day of the Jewish High Holy Days.

Happy New Year. May your year be mintable and filled with Ethereum.

I’m starting the new year talking NFT’s something even God did not foresee.

I did not know this but I was inches from NFT’s way back in 2006 when I had these digital paintings made by Jenny at IggyArt:

I had discovered Jenny’s work the year before at a local Phoenix Starbucks.

Last week Justin reminded me of it with his tweet and Fred Wilson and I joined in on the thread:

I immediately switched my avatar back to IggyArt. Fred has kept his IggyPunk avatar since he got it in 2006.

Here is Fred telling the backstory from way back:

It makes sense that Fred Wilson is the original CryptoPunk. He is usually 10 years ahead of everyone.

If only we had minted these on the blockchain that did not exist!

As someone pointed out to me though later in the Twitter thread…I have had a great return on the Suns tickets I offered up to Fred back in 2006.

PS – Justin sums up the current art craze as such…’People really like pixel and 8-bit art. Collectors call the Covid alien punk the “Mona Lisa of our generation” and art gonna art.