Happy New Year…Let’s Make It A Great One

Ellen and I watched The Bee Gees documentary last night on HBO and it was great. Put it on your watchlist.

I was in bed by 10 pm and will do my first ride of the year this morning.

I have so much I want to do this year on the creative side but realize that the groundhog day COVID life will continue and limit the type of face to face time I need to get it done. Knut and I spent the week brainstorming on how I want to change up the podcast format. I talked with Rishi and the Stocktwits team about podcast and video ideas that we hope to launch for the community.

Stocktwits had by far its biggest year by every metric and also the fastest growing year in its 12 year history. The growth continues to be all organic and our ‘house rules’ continue to foster an incredibly friendly, supportive and fun community for an internet community of its size. I am really proud when I read posts of gratitude for the platform and the people that share all day. My friend and mentor Fred Wilson said to me in 2007 when he saw Stocktwits that ‘If you love stocks and you love talking about them all day long, Stocktwits is for you!’. In 2020, what Fred described was in demand and really on point for so many.

Being fast growing without ad spend and profitable is one thing, but doing it with common sense and simple set of rules is what keeps me motivated to contribute even more as an owner and member.

My day job as an investor at Social Leverage continues to be extremely exciting, fulfilling and fun. I would not change anything. I look forward to getting back to face to face meetings when my vaccine number is called.

Of course, writing here daily is at the center of my life as an investor and human being.

One question I always get asked by young people of late is to describe my day.

The last ten months has been quite simple as I have been off the road.

I wake (5 am pst), make a coffee, sit down at the kitchen table with my laptop open and start reading and writing. By 6 am pst I am on call for founders or on calls with teams and my partners or getting pitches or coordinating all of the above.

I think it is this simplicity of routine the last ten months that made certain things look and feel so easy.

Life will not continue to be this easy or routine for me.

That is what I am thinking about most as we start 2021.

Happy new year.