Happy New Year…Never Say Never, Always be Closing and Be Grateful

I hope everyone has a fantastic, healthy and happy new year. I have had the year of my life. I am appreciating every moment and trying to enjoy every second. It is very hard to be grateful. I have been there so I try not to judge.

There is a lot of pain out there and we are surrounded by stupidity.

I am treating this period in time like being caught in a bad neighborhood…keep your head down, move forward, go fast and don’t expect luck.

In 2002, I said I would never have another partner or start another business (my partner was stealing from me)…but I did.

I never thought I would leave Phoenix as a home. I did.

I never thought I would own a home again because the math did not work and I love math. Sometimes even math is wrong.

I never thought Chinese stocks would reach their 2008 highs. Take a look at what $BIDU did post crisis.

In the end, ‘never’ is a dumb word. It will limit your growth or it will bankrupt you.


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  2. TheAcsMan says:

    Thank you Howard, Happy and Healthy New Year to you, as well.

    I did get the feeling that God was saying Booga Booga to me for trying to trade on Thursday and Friday. The problem with these all knowing Gods is that you really can’t do anything in secret. It’s like the ultimate insider informaton.

    I’m hoping that he’s not a vengeful God and lets things turn around a bit, as I promise not to trade on Yom Kippur, next Saturday.

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