Happy to Announce my Family of 'Social Leverage' ETF's

The ETF business is a fantastic and juicy bubble.

The momentum has only just begun. In the spirit of momentum and eggregious fees and leverage, I have decided to milk my Twitter stream to market a family of ‘Social Leverage’ ETF’s

Customers can choose from my :

LOL etf – Booze, Drugs, Tobacco and Military stocks.

LMAO etf – I buy $yhoo and vote for a Bartz/Palin 2012 ticket

ROFLMAO etf – leverage LMAO and we buy a lot of weed to ease the pain and giggle just a bit.

POKE etf – I buy Apple stock only and we write letters to LOL and LMAO shareholders or even a fake ROFLMAO blog written by Fake Steve Jobs

WTF etf – We buy France with leverage

FTW etf – We buy Gold, Yuan, Russia, and go short US long Bonds and do so on leverage. We keep 20 percent to invest in American start-ups and some $INTU and $RAX

Place your orders please.


  1. Anonymous says:

    You forgot the TMI etf: Short wikileaks, facebook, and tiger woods

    and the

    BFFL etf: Short obama and democrats relationship and go long $GOOG and $VZ

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