Harley Davidson – Americana

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I look at the lifetime chart of Harley and shake my head. Harley is America. Betting against it and it’s loyal community of owners and enthusiasts is like betting against America. Even bigger is that Americana extends beyond America itself so that “Harley” the brand, could outlast America the superpower.

I have never owned Harley and from 1998-2003 probably shorted it 50 times at my hedge fund, trying to catch a “generational top” in Harley sales. I am down big trading this stock. I no longer look at it.

What a putz!

Those that have made money shorting this stock have been lucky or lying.

Harley is one of those stocks that made me give up shorting stocks. Even if the books are cooked and Harley’s are being hidden in a river or giant warehouse – you could go broke waiting for the news and for institutions to sell it lower.

In the stock market, I am not one of those “if you can’t beat them join them” kind of guys. With Harley, I am scared that as soon as I go long, the stock will crash. Too many other fish in the sea :) .

The Harley lesson is simple – betting against American culture and symbols of freedom is even harder than betting against America. I refer back to one of my favorite posts about American Culture (written in May).

I leave it alone and congratulate those smart enough to have owned this great piece of American industry and culture.

Disclosure – no positions.