Has Apple Ever Been In A Better Position?

I sold some Apple last week and the week before. It still is my largest stock holding.

This weekend I am having a little remorse wondering if Apple has ever been in a stronger position.

Just last December Apple was being written off by most as the stock plummeted 30 percent over the course of a couple months.

Today…technically, the stock is very strong and cruising at all-time highs.

They have more cash in the bank than ever.

The market and stock have fully priced in the decline of the iPhone. Nobody should be surprised about iPhone results unless the iPhone actually surprises to the upside.

The market is not fully giving Apple credit for the potential of wearables, the iCamera (iPhone) and services.

Apple was supposed to be the company most hurt by China Tariffs so they must have a plan by now and Tim Apple has played Orange Julius like a master.

They convinced Goldman to take most of the risk on the credit card lending and buried their name in the process. For that they may have created the ultimate lock in to their iOS. The Bank of Apple is open without all the regular banking headaches.

It has been an impressive 2019 by team Apple.