Hate mail from the team at Fast Money?

Here is the Wallstrip clip of Lindsay’s chance encounter with Dylan Ratigan of CNBC’s post Cramer show Fast Money. It’s a hysterical and cool ‘street’ moment. We know that Dylan watches the show. He has written about us on his blog and shared our Cramer parody with Cramer himself. Why the crew at Fast Money would be upset is beyond me.

BUT……Fast Money Fan ([email protected]) wrote:

Okay no offense, but how the heck can she not know who Dylan is? Wallstirp is funny and entertaining, but no way in heck are you in the same league as Fast Money. Fast Money talks about real trading strategies that can actually make people money and it’s done by people who are pros, not wanna-be actresses. As much as I love Wallstrip, I am sorry but you guys are really nothing but a hype machine not much different then Cramer. Stocks at 52 week highs, puuhhlleasee! Howard a lot of us know you’re using Wallstrip as a propagandist tool to hype up your positions in your hedge fund. Wallstip lost my respect on this video and Dylan just gained a bunch more!

Seeing that this email seems to have come from one of ‘THE PRO’s’ on the ‘Fast Money’ team (theses pro’s don’t spell very well :) ), I think it is important to deal with the accusations and challenges.

First – as my friend Jim Kingsland (20 years at Bloomberg) points out in the comments:

Outside of the .3% share audience that CNBC generally gets no one knows who Dylan or much of the rest of the bunch is.

So….it’s not just Lindsay!

Second – If it was not for CRAMER, there would likely be NO Fast Money show and as nice a guy as Dylan is, he would not be a star to that .3% share audience. That ‘hype machine’ Cramer that you are referring to, is the main reason you have a job.

Third – Lindsay IS a pro. She understands the show’s strategy and has explained 50 times what the hell we do – focus on stocks at or near ALL-TIME HIGHS, not 52-week highs which Fast Money Fan mentions. Lindsay has commercial roles and will appear on the Soperano’s final season. Wannabe?

Fourth – We don’t want to be in the league of Fast Money. We want to be mainstream with LESS HYPE. We want to simplify all the noise on Wallstrip and CNBC. We are doing that. Read the press.

Fifth – Wallstrip as a propogandist tool for Lindzon positions. That is a pretty serious accusation to make wildly on my blog, a blog that has disclosed everything and made some damn good stock calls. I just don’t do that and it is an absurd, baseless accusation.

Wallstrip and I have received criticism in the past and that’s part of putting your neck out. We accept that. But Fast Money Fan has crossed a line on my blog and I felt worth challenging.

Fast Money Fan is just another putz!


  1. Broker A says:

    Oh, I can’t wait for Monday, so I can rip that bald fucker from FM a new one.

    No, but seriously, how many cups of coffee does Ratigan drink?

  2. Bill aka NO DooDahs! says:

    I wouldn’t recognize any of the cast of the Sopranos if I met ’em on the street, except maybe Lindsay and that guy in the V-Chip commercial, and that’s only because it’s on every frickin’ channel. Likewise, I couldn’t give a shit who won American Idol, etc. So I can perfectly understand not knowing who these fu, er, folks are. We only have 24 in a day and we fill it as best we can.

    The real funny shit is the ego involved – you don’t know who I am? – and the misunderstanding of what WS is, a show with an actress that is designed primarily to be entertaining but to provide just a glimmer of knowledge.

    Because WS is like giving your dog her pill wrapped in bacon, and FM is like opening her pills and trying to force the powder down your dog’s throat, WS has a much larger potential audience.

  3. Howard Lindzon says:

    Touche Dogwood :)

    Here goes –

    Howard – Asshat

    Lindsay – Wallstrip Biiitch

    Jeff – The Rock

    Adam – Vid Wiz

    Fresh Bread – Fresh Bread :)

    All our fans – The Wallstrippers.


  4. Dogwood says:

    Come one guys. Its obvious that Wallstrip is not on the same level as Fast Money, just go the Fast Money website.

    Once there you will learn all you need to know about the “Commissioner”, the “Lone Wolf”, the “Negotiator”, the “Admiral”, and the “Risk Doctor”. You can’t get more cool and authoritative than that! I trust them already and I’ve never seen the show.

    It is very clear, to me at least, that if WallStrip wants to make it into the financial media big leagues, then the WallStrip crew needs to journey back to high school and start passing out some cool sounding nicknames.

    Until that happens, I have no choice but to remove the WallStrip feed from my blog.

    So, Howard, does your team REALLY have what it takes? If so, prove it, because its nicknames or nothing for this trader.

    Sorry, but I just can’t trust WallStrip any other way.

  5. Dogwood says:

    Well done grasshopper. Although I think Asshat has been copyrighted by the Fly.

    As a result of your quick turnaround on my request, I’ll keep WallStrip on my blog. Afterall, I seriously doubt the show could survive without the one viewer per month I send your way. Ha! ;)

    Go Colts!

  6. Tom says:

    Howard, how about calling yourself Assbag? I have to agree with Dogwood, I think the Fly copyrighted Asshat.

    lol. :)

    I wonder what my nickname would be?

  7. Howard Lindzon says:

    I have deleted two comments from fastmoneyfan

    I have asked him to start his own blog to get attention

    they were basic namecalling and he has already had his say.

  8. Broker A says:

    Although I do have copyright protection on several choice phrases, such as “Asshat” and “Dicktard,” you may use them– providing you pay me .006% royalties on everything, from soup to nuts.

    Just in case you were wondering, I have just received copyright protection on the phrase “HatFucker” today.


  9. Bill aka NO DooDahs! says:

    I deleted one at my site as well. Emailed him back and told him that discussion of WS vs FM wasn’t an appropriate comment on an unrelated post on my blog, that what’s between him and you is between him and you, and FWIW I’m a big fan of both WS and FM.

    I still think WS has a wider potential audience, but I am a member of the target niche for FM.

  10. Chris says:

    Mr. fastmoneyfan is now spamming my blog with comments about this whole ordeal. If he actually had a clue, he would realize that CNBC is crap and I like the fact that Lindsay doesn’t know Dylan or other “talking heads” on that network. 0.3% – Who would know the guy!

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