Have a Laugh…

I’m immersed in anger if I look at my iPhone these days.

On my porch I see none of the same things I see on my iPhone. That is why I spend so much time on it.

I have my work to do and I am focused on getting it done, because I know more work is piling up right behind.

I don’t pay for news and I do not read news. The big news will make its way to my porch. If I had never seen or read about COVID-19 it would have eventually made it to my porch as people walked by with masks or by heading to the grocery store and being asked to wear a mask.

I spend most of my time on the web reading about startups, fintech and following the markets. If I have free time surfing, I head to YouTube looking for laughs.

Here are two funny sets, one old, one new (at least for me) from George Carlin and Sarge that made me laugh a lot.

Have a great Sunday.

PS – If you are looking for something on Netflix I really enjoyed the David Foster documentary. I had no idea who he was.