Help Wallstrip Pick 2008's Year in Review Song

I love today’s Wallstrip show. It is so much work that goes into each show, but you can tell the extra effort to make ones like today. It was not my idea. I do know that funny songs with well groomed ladies have the best chance of getting viral. Duh.

I don’t know which song I would have picked if it were up to me, but as it turns out we picked the same song as two other really great videos, one which I posted last week. You can vote for which one you liked best over at New Tee Vee . Please do so.

ALSO – HELP US PICK NEXT YEAR’S THEME SONG NOW. I am no Billy Joel fan and I always hated this song.

Here are the three videos – Wallstrip first of course:

Jib Jab:

Richter Scales:



  1. mrkcbill says:

    Very good… your right that does not look easy.

    I agree the Billy Joel is getting worn out but its a natural.

    Maybe this song for 08 One Week

    Merry Crotsmare!

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