Henry Blodget writes a book on investing…

Have not read it (did read the Amazon reviews), but I like his sober premise. Do less and control costs.

I had some good Chinese Food with Henry Blodget last month in New York. He likes Wallstrip and I am a sucker for our fans. I could not wait to write about our lunch, but once I sat down to write, there was really no juice.

I mean I know the story and so do you. Whoever believed that the crap stocks gapping up $20 bucks each day were really worth anything, were lemmings. Not to say that Merrill and Goldman are not well dressed thieves and Henry is a saint…but it’s Wall Street for freaking sake. In sidebar email conversations, Henry knew the stocks his firm (Merrill Stench) was touting were crap and he would likely do it differently today. It’s done though and he can’t.

How many chances did Darryl Strawberry get for using crack? How about that freak Mike Tyson.

So why write about Blodget now?

Well, it seems like the juice is flowing – at least between Blodget and Cramer. You can read about it in this New York Times piece.

In the end, it’s just more noise. I like checking in on Blodget’s blog once in a while, but it’s just too tame. I want the real juice. He knows that there is an open invitation to tell the real story to Lindsay on Wallstrip.