Here Comes Bitcoin, Ethereum and Collectables and Fire Your Robo-advisor

Bitcoin and Ethereum have surged the last few days. The talk this year has been about Gold and Silver, but if you look back 5 and 10 years, the currency debasement/money printing across the globe has pushed people and their money into the assets.

I have some money in all three (no silver) and to be honest I don’t really like seeing all three continue to beat the S&P. It is no wonder that there is a mad rush for collectables like we are seeing in our portfolio company Rally Rd.

Here is the 5 year charts:

Here is the 10 year charts:

I am not a macro guy, but a trend is a trend is a trend.

Next up some links….

Facebook in Bangladesh? This is a good read.

I never believed in Robo-advisors (high customer acquisition costs, low switching costs), and I expressed that by putting my money in the do-it yoursef investing space – Etoro, Robinhood Koyfin, YCharts, Stocktwits, Rally Rd etc…now we are seeing the user disgruntlement.

Morgan Housel’s excellent piece – 5 Stories that Got Us To Now.

Have a great Sunday.