Here Comes Stocktoberfest New York City – April 25th

Stocktoberfest is coming… April 25th in New York

When Ian took over as CEO at Stocktwits a couple years back he said he wanted to keep Stocktoberfest going.

I explained how hard these shows were (at least on me) and that if I only had to show up, I was thrilled.

I do still get to speak.

Pierce Crosby (he leads data sales and business development for Stocktwits) has taken the content baton from me and has done a fantastic job getting great people to come speak and share ideas.

This years speaker lineup (scroll down on the link above) is the best ever as Stocktwits looks ahead at the future of markets. Great venture capitalists, investors, traders, quants, hedgies, reporters and founders of cool fintech startups will be taking the stage.

Of course, everyone will be sharing their favorite ideas. Last year for example, it was Fred Wilson who dropped Ethereum on the audience. It was $40 (now $600).

I have a $100 discount code (click here) so come join us if you are in the city.