Hey Homebuilder Stock Owners…You Prepared For This?

Yesterday I asked you if you were prepared for an upside stock explosion.

Today I was reading about the 7th year of a continued mess in telecom – The REAL bubble. The bubble that just won’t end it’s tortuous unwind.

If you own homebuilder stocks, are you prepared for the same thing happening over 5-7 years. It could happen.

Focus on strength.

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  1. Barry says:

    you are right again. why bother wasting time on sectors and stocks that require a strategy dependent on CEO’s who overbuilt inventory and were living in denial that “it was different this time” (during the bull run over the past few years). If it truly was different, one would have seen the appropriate expansion of valuations, which did not occur. The nerve of these mgmt teams and enablers in finance to perpetuate such a poorly formed bubble, and now suffer from the collapse. At least the FED is there to help with lower rates to prevent a complete wipeout.

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