Hey Nerds…Go Outside…Why Golf is Still the Ultimate Social Network

I am having a good day. I am taking the family to see Bee Movie which I am sure will suck, but it’s opening night/afternoon and I want an Icee.

Max has basketball practice and it’s also the opening home game for the Phoenix Suns. It has been a long summer without basketball here and although I am boycotting the league (over the Stoudemire toss) and cancelled my Sun’s season tickets (travel too much), I still will be going to games…for the kids :) .

BUT, I just realized I need some tickets…

To pull off tickets this year will require ultimate networking gamesmanship. Facebook is for weenies and posers when you need the real shit like Sun’s tickets.

That’s why while everyone is yacking about Facebook and now Google’s Open Social blah blah blah, you should remember that a friendly round of golf with some connected people is the way to get shit done.

Just so happens that I was golfing at Bandon Dunes with the head of Sun’s tickets. Random but relevant. Stay with me. He could give a rat’s ass about Facebook and Wallstrip and my personal blog and Techmeme. He does remember my sweet 74 that pocketed him $400 bucks (sorry Mike , not Acebucks).

Now get this…I picked up the phone AND CALLED HIM. Very 1990.

Guess who’s got 4 tickets in the second row….

PS – Note to nerds…golf is done outside. You talk to people. No linking or tagging.


  1. Andy Swan says:

    I can vouch for this entire story being true, as I was there and also met the king of Suns tickets, which would do me some good if I lived in Phoenix like I should.

  2. Dozier says:

    I completely agree with Howard and I can attest to golf being the ultimate social network, I met my fiance on the golf course, sort of. I played with two of her friends who invited me over to their cookout later in the day. I wasn’t interested in the two girls I met, but figured maybe they had a cute friend. They did, I fell in love and we will be married in 7 months.

    Talk about an expensive round…

  3. Todd says:


    You have no idea how much it will indeed cost you, but it will likely be significantly larger than what you imagine. Make sure she can cook …

  4. greenskeptic says:

    You scored tickets the old fashioned way…you earned ’em. Amazing how few people will pick up the phone these days until you ignore their third or fourth email and they are forced to call…”Did you get my email?”

    P.S. There’s “links” in golf, but no tags; unless your Greg Norman polo is inside out.

  5. Michael Lazerow says:

    You can buy Jay-Z tickets with AceBucks these days. People actually want to see Jay-Z, unlike the Suns! Howard is sneaky good at golf. Doesn’t hit the ball far but keeps it straight and in play. Wicked short game.

  6. Rick Weeks says:

    Howard, thanks for all you’re doing – it’s great! I thought I was pretty hip in investing and today’s technology – but I am entering another dimension with your help (and the other links you cite).

    But what’s up with the 74?!?!?!?
    I’m not buying it, especially at Brandon. That’s a tough track, and your swing ain’t a thing of beauty (nor is mine). You must me killer with the flat stick.

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