Hey Senate IDIOTS – how much is enough

So I wake up this morning to hear the senate turned down $140 billion from the asbestos companies.

You motherfu$^&%&*^^(*ers. You idiots could’nt earn $140,000/year if not for your senate jobs.

Tell me, what is the number. Yes, I bought GRA into the recent pullback and woke up today to further losses and now have booked my loss. So, I am impartial to this announcement. But, even without the trade, the headline is just ridiculous. The tort guys are just killing this country. If we had leadership, they would see the headline and talk to a few people and say – “hey – what the fuc$%^%*&%* . Than, if you were too busy fishing, call your pal Cheney. HEY DICK, when you get back from visiting that pal you shot in the ass (by mistake?), and the Haliburton meeting, can you just overturn this and take the cash. Let’s buy some armor for the kids in Iraq.

Putz’s and Yutz’s.