Homeward Bound

It’s our last week of vacation starting today in Tuscany.

Last year I got homesick whipping around Europe so this year we decided to come to Tuscany and actually rest.

My daugher Rachel is working at a summer camp so it is easy to stay in touch with her via Whatsapp.

My son Max though is out of touch spending three weeks in the woods with Outward Bound. It has been hard not to be able to chat with him (last summer he was in Israel), but likely harder for Max as he has had no contact with anyone outside his small group as they hike, climb, canoe and camp learning leadership skills. We miss him and hope he is having a great summer. I am excited to see him in Coronado on July 4th.

Yesterday, Ellen and I went with some friends into Florence for the day.

A Stocktwits user, Jason, who is stationed in the military out of Aviano Air Base, reached out to me to say hello and see if we could meet to talk investing and stocks. Jason is 30 years old and loves the markets and investing. We met for a beer at the Central market. It’s fantastic to see young people around the world learn the universal language of investing that Stocktwits has worked so hard to make more accessible. Jason uses the awesome USAA banking services but I did convince him and his friend who joined us to sign up for Robinhood and connect their Stocktwits accounts. It was fun to see them have an ‘aha’ moment about API’s and the power of the network.

Good luck Jason …we will meet again I am sure

Happy Sunday…off for a long ride.

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