Hong Kong … Old and New 

Having a fun day two in Hong Kong. My speech went over well …here are the first two slides 

I constantly tweak the presentation but one slide that resonates globally is this one using the board game risk :

I have walked the streets a bit today and what’s so striking here is how old world meets new world. 

I saw this Tesla parked in the middle of this old fish and meat market and had to take a picture. 

As for lunch there was no way the food could not be good here so I tried it. 

Tonight some friends are taking me in the speed boat to Macau. 

As for FinTech old and new … the blockchain is dominating discussion at the conference, but it’s the banks, bankers and lawyers in the crowd. When I get approached by them for questions I tell them my hourly rate and they think I’m kidding until I walk away.