How Blogging, Commenting and Now 'Vommenting' can Build Your Business

The best brand you have is you. You wear it everyday. Your logo is your brain.

If you are putz, I can’t help you…no one can. You could do well on TV though so get an agent. I recommend the asshats at CAA, but I digress.

Fred Wilson wrote a post for Business 2.0 over two years ago about how blogging can build your business .

If you were lazy and scared it’s not too late. Actually, it’s just the beginning and here’s the best news…YOU DON’T NEED TO START A BLOG ANYMORE. You can comment and now vomment (intelligently and sincerely) on the blogs of people and publishers of influence. Spend FIVE minutes and set up a Disqus account (we are investors), a Twitter account and maybe a Tumblr account and away you go building your brand.

At the money show I finally got to meet Perry, one of the founders of Covestor . Great guy indeed, but I also met their Community Manager Blain Reinkensmeyer . The little prick is 21 and he has a dream job – at least HIS dream job. Blain has been blogging and contributing to the stock blogging community for a while. He has sent me plenty of great ideas for Wallstrip and I was excited to meet him. You give in the blogging world…YOU GET!

I was reading OptionAddict today because FLY asked me too and I was blown away at the conversation to some of his posts. There are 200 plus comments to his stock posts and the conversation is PLEASANT and SUPPORTIVE. Blows me away. Of course they use Disqus :) .

Abnormal Returns build brand without conversation. They build trust by JUST linking.

Many ways to skin the brand cat that is you, but you won’t build it just eavesdropping and being a voyeur.

Exciting times indeed…unless you are short agriculture stocks :) .


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