How Did Facebook Disappear From The Internet?

The Cloudflare Blog ($NET) had as good an explainer as anyone on how Facebook was down yesterday.

Of course this rang true to me from the post…

Today’s events are a gentle reminder that the Internet is a very complex and interdependent system of millions of systems and protocols working together. That trust, standardization, and cooperation between entities are at the center of making it work for almost five billion active users worldwide.

Don’t worry yourself about it being a bad day for poison and lies …because oil hit its highest prices since 2014.

I remember the good old days of March 2020 when Facebook worked and oil was negative.


Back in the 1980’s when America was great, our evil poison was television and we kids would have to endure the occasional ’emergency test of the broadcast system’.

It seems like overall today was likely just a good test of the ’emergency fake news broadcasting network’.

What does not kill the internet makes it stronger.

Lucky us.

PS – As luck would have it, Cloudflare co-founder Michelle Zatlyn is on my podcast this week and I will ask her to explain all this in english for us and see if she can unplug Facebook once and for all!