How (He) Gilbert Arenas – nuked the Phoenix Suns 15 game win streak

I want to spam Gilbert Arenas :) .

Last week, the Suns 15 game win streak was ended by one man – Gilbert Arenas. The score was in the 130’s. Crazy, great game.

It was not just that he scored 54 points in the best performance I have witnessed LIVE. It was how he scored them. Each shot was pure. I don’t remember a miss. The guy is the purest shooter I have seen and I watch Nash every game.

Nash is MVP again barring an injury. He just makes everybody on the team so much better, but Gilbert Arenas is worth getting an NBA package if you get to watch him every game.

I hear that Kobe Bryant calls him a ball hog. I saw the rest of the Washington team. Seems smart to me :) .

Not Kobe – he’s just an ass.

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