How I Invest Our Money – Big Changes

This made me laugh and it is mostly true:


In the spirit of transparency, Ellen and I have made some changes to how we will be investing our money.

As I have been writing in the last two posts on ETF’s and Wealthtech trends, I am bullish on ETF’s, the wealth management sector and financial advisor industry.

As I have mentioned here on the blog, I have partnered with Charlie Bilello to start Compound Capital Advisors.

Charlie uses low cost ETF’s (Vanguard, Schwab) for building client portfolio’s and TD Ameritrade for custody. Charlie has been writing about these trends in asset management and also building portfolios for years. After working with a client to understand their risk profile and needs, Charlie builds simple low cost portfolios. Charlie has also built more tactical portfolio’s that clients may blend.

Every person has a unique risk profile and needs around timing.

I have always kept a high cash position in our investing accounts (20-50 percent) because of the risk we take investing in startups through our firm and funds Social Leverage.

Between our homes, Social Leverage and Charlie at Compound, that covers about 90 percent of our net worth.

I also love picking individual stocks. The stock markets are still a large part of my daily routine. I spend time each day in the Stocktwits app and community. I think the start up markets and the public markets are very connected. My focus with public markets is following sectors and trends to see how private markets might develop.

I have been sharing my stock market watchlist, positions and even my 8 to 80 portfolio on Koyfin (we are investors). If you set up a Koyfin account, it is easy to follow the list and changes I make.

Here is my current portfolio of stocks.

Here is my current watchlist.

Here is my updated 8 to 80 list of stocks which are my favorite long term companies/stocks. I call it 8 to 80 because these products and companies are used and relied upon from people 8 to 80 years old. As for how I look to own this list…

When the ‘markets are in turmoil’ this list of companies should be where I go to shop. When the markets are trending up and seem easy, these companies are the ones I am glad I own.

You might notice if you cross reference that I do not own Netflix and IHI at the moment from the 8 to 80 list.

I feel really good about how I have simplified my investing life outside of my full time job at Social Leverage. I am lucky to have my wife Ellen as CFO of the household finances to track and organize everything with our bookkeeper and accountant.

Please hit me up if you have questions and or would like an introduction to Charlie at Compound.

Disclaimer: All information provided is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment, legal or tax advice, or an offer to buy or sell any security. For full disclosures, click here