How I Manage Information Flow

People keep asking me how I do what I do and even though I don’t think I know what I am doing, what the hell.

My diet for information has changed immensely over the last year. I am a creature of habit for sure, but how I digest information has really changed up the who and what I now read.

If I could only have one tool, it would be my Blackberry Curve. I could give up Twitter, Tweetdeck and the rest of the web, just not the curve and email. I use T-Mobile now and although it sucks, it is really fine. I rarely use the web on any handheld including my iPhone which I like to use on the road for checking my portfolio and listening to tunes mainly. I just don’t care that much about search and web on my phone. I just ask the person with me to search.

I rely on GMAIL and Tweetdeck for most of my daily business routine. I suck at using Gmail as anyone who works with me knows. I am pretty damn good at Tweetdeck though. I imagine if I took the time to get better at Gmail, I would be more successful, but fuck it.

I don’t know if/how people can manage more than following 150 or so active tweeters and although I follow about 250, at least 100 are infrequent posters. I want to keep an eye on my enemies, competition and businesses I like through Twitter and Tweetdeck.

I also use to keep me updated on information about the businesses I have investments in, competition and buzz words. I get a sweet email everyday that I can quickly scan (I am an investor in Filtrbox).

Blogs I Read Daily:

TechMeme – I trust Gabe and his damn algorithms

Fred Wilson – Web Venture Capital

Trader Mike – Market Wisdom

IBankCoin – Sanity or Insanity on the Markets – but always a laugh

Upside Trader – Trading

AlphaTrends – Trading

The New York Times Business – Gossip :) – NY Venture/Media

Bloomberg News – checking to see if they acquired Stocktwits every night.

Abnormal Returns – Financial Links

Kirk Report – Financial Links

Real Clear Markets – Financial Links


Maoxian – Market Wisdom

Crossing Wall Street – Market Wisdom

Brad Feld – Venture Capital

Weekend Investor’s Business Daily NEWSPAPER

TWITTER – Short List

StockTwits All Feed and Recommended List


Michael Parekh

Charles Amadeus


Doug Kass




Andy Swan





Obviously I am very tech and finance focused, but that is my life. I hope it helps. Find the porn links on your own.

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