How I Work…What I Read

I have done these posts yearly, but there is so much new talent and new products to help me with work that I wanted to write it all down again.

Now that I am off Ambien completely, I am falling to bed a lot earlier and doing less work in the evenings. I love that.

I am popping out of bed, rested and alert at 4-30 am pst. Here is my home office setup which I keep religiously clean of paper piles.

Most of my writing and reading is triggered by the stocks and trends I follow which comes from my work with Ivanhoff on MarketWisdom. The weekly list helps me focus on what is working, where the big money 3is flowing. Sounds too good to be true of course, but it really is efficient and it works for me and hundreds of other subscribers.

I probably spend most of my time in Gmail. I use Google travel and Hotels Tonight for all my travel. I am starting to use Zoom for all my video conferencing.

The linkfests, blogs and newsletters I read daily and weekly:

Fred Wilson

Brad Feld

Seth Godin


The Profile – Free from Polina Marinova who curates an excellent weekly reading list on business leaders and up and coming companies.

Abnormal Returns – Tadas curates a daily financial markets reading list.

Semil Shah – Haystack Newsletter – Free newsletter discussing life as a Venture Capitalist and his takes on investing.

Bill Bishop – Get Smarter About China – not free, but excellent insights into chinese tech and media and politics from Bill who lived in Beijing for 20 years with his family and is now back in DC.

Benedict Evans – analyst at A16Z.

Pomp – Off The Chain – All things Bitcoin newsletter

Multicoin Capital – Crypto hedge fund blog (I am an LP)

MG Siegler – From Tech Crunch editor to VC at Google a really good free email

Strictly VC – Connie has a great – free – daily email on all things venture capital and now works for Techcrunch.

Alex Taussig – a consumer venture capitalist at Lightspeed with a very good weekly email

Jason Hirschhorn

Go to work.


  1. Silverborn says:

    Hey Howard, It’s always nice and really valuable to get an insight into how super successful people work. Thanks for sharing.

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