How NOT to Move…

So we closed on our home in Phoenix. Today a HUGE win is a loss of $200k. In Phoenix, that means we made the front page of the Arizona Republic as the ‘Daily Real Estate Guru.’

When we bought our last home in the Biltmore in 2006, it was a downgrade from our stupid big home that we ‘reached for’ as everyone could do in 1999/2000. We could not afford movers, let alone a $1 million mountain home in Paradise Valley. When we sold in 2006, it was easy. You told a broker and someone would just buy it the next day for $2 million.

The killer, smart money move would have been to rent, but we just downsized and lucky for us, invested all our equity from the big house into and other internet investments that I continue to make.

Last week was the cleanup and final move. Now, we can afford movers. Easy pickings yes?


I believe my wife went to to choose our movers, I later found it it was our painters she chose…painters, movers…same thing…

I knew I was in for a long day, when I had to pick up for the UHAUL, buy padding, tape and bubble wrap. The owner was impressed and mentioned that he had never seen a jewish man in their office so early. I should have stopped, called a few friends and hired a professional firm to come do the job. I had a moment of lazy thinking and carried on.

When the two drivers pulled up blazing and blaring the theme song from Sanford and Son…I was [email protected]%#d. I mean why bring a dolly.

Flash forward ten hours where the two fine gentleman were poorly packing their last piece of art onto the truck. I just wanted them out of my driveway. I drove to my office where my reliable partner Tom looked at me and just laughed. He had been texting me pictures of abandoned pickups on streets of Phoenix all day asking if this was my crew.

I said this truck won’t make it 5 miles, let alone 350.

To be continued….

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