How Now Dow 11,700. Wow!?

I imagine CNBC may have a party if the Dow closes at an all-time high with Bob Pisani kissing traders on the floor and Maria showing some skin and Kernen shaving his head? UPDATE – My buddies at The Rad Report sent me a note and link saying that Ron Insana has started a Fund of Funds . Party!

Instead of joining the Dow party, read Bill Cara’s great take on the hubbub. My favorite part is here:

General Electric, which owns 100-pct of CNBC and apparently requires their on-air personalities to hold shares of just GE, is a total disaster when it comes to its share price.

On the day the Dow set an all-time closing record high, January 14, 2000, the stocks of the biggest U.S. industrial, consumer, and technology companies were as follows: GE=$43.25; WMT=$61.04; and MSFT=48.63.

Today (last night’s close) ADJUSTED FOR DIVIDENDS and splits, those prices are GE=$35.48; WMT=$49.81; and MSFT=27.40.

And, if we adjusted for inflation – probably another -20 pct or more in the past almost 7 years, and the taxes on those dividends, these stocks would be even more of a disaster.

By the way, I want to welcome Bill Cara into the fold of Wallstrip as a contributor and all around wise mentor to our venture.

There are some other great contributors that will be announced this week. Stay tuned.

PS – Funny Simpson’s video up on the Wallstrip site.


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