How To Do Business Development Right

We are seeing a lot of talented people with amazing pitches right now. Many of the plans do not have go to market strategies.

It’s fun to build product and design a beautiful website and app. Eventually, business development and sales matter.

Our new Social Leverage partner Ross Hoffman has been sharing some of his learnings from his days in business development at YouTube, Twitter and Headspace.

His latest post on doing business development right offers a great framework for people at FAANG companies or seed stage startups.

PS – for you market junkies I am starting to do more ‘Panic With Friends’ episodes with the eclectic traders/investors I enjoy chatting with regularly. My routine might as well be your routine. Last week I had my friend Don Nitti on the podcast to talk about life at a top performing hedge fund. He had some good takes on what lies ahead and shared some thoughts for those wanting to get into the business of investing as a career. Like any startup, trading means you must adapt, improvise, evolve and overcome. Hope you enjoy.