How To Jump On A Rocketship…

In the stock market and in my seed investing at Social Leverage, I am trying to find rocketships.

For the public markets, I build lists of companies with the fastest revenue growth and scour the all-time high list for clues. I also do some of the things shared in the posts linked below to connect the dots on how public investors use venture capital trends to invest in public proxies that I try to attach myself too.

After a few decades of seed investing I can’t say finding rocketships has much science to it. Building a high quality network and having the right instincts will never go out of style. It might be why I love seed investing so much. Many will claim they have the secret sauce, but they don’t.

But this post is about a question I frequently get from my friends on behalf of their graduating kids about how they should go about finding a hyper-growth company to work for.

Recently, Jason Crawford wrote an excellent piece on the subject aptly titled ‘How To Jump On A Rocketship‘. Jason is currently working at Flexport, a company which is a rocketship itself.

Jason was rightly inspired by Marc Andreesen’s 2007 guide to career planning.

There is some great direction and advice in Jason’s piece and of course Marc’s guide. Make sure you share it.