How to Succeed in Business by Bundling – and Unbundling…Financial Markets, Media and Malls

I love the business concept of bundling and bundling. I remember reading this interview of Jim Barksdale and Marc Andreessen on the subject in 2014.

It is happening right now in the stock market as Robinhood traders and investors, with the help of Stocktwits and other social networks unbundle the S&P 500 and the indexing gospel by trading individual stocks. At the same time as the unbundling of the S&P 500 is happening, new bundles of stocks – like $JETS – are being created to help traders buy all the airline stocks.

Yesterday Thrasio set a record for being the fastest ‘profitable’ company to get to Unicorn status and raised $260 million.

Thrasio acquires category-leading Amazon third-party private label businesses, and then seamlessly onboards, optimizes, and operates those brands. The company drives blistering rates of organic growth through best-in-class marketing, product development, operations, and supply chain management. They have bundled the unbundling of the Amazon bundle!?!? My friends at Upper 90 were early investors in the business and I look forward to having Bill Libby on my podcast very soon to discuss.

Also just Yesterday, Web Smith wrote a great piece about the rise of the newsletter entrepreneur, and how we might expect them to power the biggest media-driven businesses of the future. I am having Web on my podcast next week to discuss this trend.

This era of bundling and unbundling is happening at incredible speeds, in creatively lean and profitable ways. And anyone and everyone can participate.

Have a great day.