Howard Lindzon Like Facebook is Letting Employee(s) Cash Out

The numbers are a little different, but the stakes just as high.

Both Lindzon and Facebook are letting employees cash out .

I am sick of all the headaches from my shareholder at I have busted my ass for almost three years and she just doesn’t get all the data. Data dude!

Asked for a comment, my mom…’Sandy’ was heard to have said:

Who needs him…he never takes my calls, I know he is just looking at the number and letting it go to voicemail.

Who the f#$k knows how that blog thingie is doing. There is no transparency to his readership numbers, no ads, no revenue.

When I backed his blog idea, I put up the $6 for Go Daddy and outrageous hosting costs ($40/year), but screw it. Now it’s like servers and twitter and widgets….It’s like three years. Don’t even get me started on the grammar and swearing. I have two words…Black Hole and Waste of Talent. He went to Day School for christ sakes.

Not to worry everyone as a Kuwaiti sovereign fund that my mom sold her Lindzon shares is a friendly.

Mr. Sultan whose fund is now the sole outside shareholder had this to say:

I can sum up our excitement in in two words….DATA!