Howie’s All Time Highs: Dendreon DNDN

My Daughter Rachel and I like eating Chinese together at PF Chang’s.  We share the Dan Dan Noodles.

Everytime I see biotech dendreon on the new high list with it’s ticker symbol $DNDN, I think of Dan Dan Noodles.

I shy away from biotech and Chinese stocks as just a principal, but this market has been a perfect storm for both small cap chinese sticks and small biotech stocks.  As money seeps into the developing world, people want to live longer and the biotech space is a benefactor.

What seems too high and risky to the majority generally goes higher and what seems low and cheap generally goes lower. – William O’Neill


  1. Dave Pinsen says:

    Did you ever have the Tam’s Noodles at Chang’s? I don’t know why they got rid of that. It was like Chinese gnocchi with shrimp and diced steak in it.

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