Howie’s Life Lessons

It’s that time of year for predictions so I figured I would offer some life lessons instead.  I don’t always follow what I preach of course:


1.  Predictions are cool, just don’t go on TV with them.


2.  Don’t Underestimate the Other Guy’s Greed!


3.  Life is Long so don’t do stupid things…use your head.


4.  When it hurts real bad…try giving.


5.  Close Files.


6.  Rid yourself of ‘Stuff


7.  Failing is going to happen, just don’t be a banker


8.  Two best friends at any moment is enough! That said, use tools of today to say hello to many others often.


9.  Social Leverage is more powerful than Financial Leverage and more fulfilling.


10.  Get pedicures.

Bonus Life Lesson

If you have kids, get a dog.

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