Humility – a Life in Markets

There’s a little child inside all of our brains that can’t stand to watch other people riding a money train that we’re not on.

I get asked about trades, assets, concepts that I know very little about all the time.

Lately the questions are about bitcoins and tokens.

Luckily, each day there are fresh articles trying to explain the concepts and opportunities. Bloomberg had a good piece yesterday on Digital Coins.

This post from Michael Batnick (the quote to start the post is from the article) ‘A Lesson in Humility‘ really rings true. Not enough people in the financial business think like this or would talk to their clients like this.

I tell people who are worried about missing out to open a wallet and put $1,000 away and follow along.

Sometimes you just have to participate because just doing that puts you ahead of 99 percent of the people.

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