I am a ‘Happy Bull’ and a Cranky Capitalist

There are a lot of unhappy bears and bubble callers as we start 2011. The LA Times is calling this bull run the unhappiest ever. I love that title.

It’s true.

In 2008, hell was unleashed on the financial markets. In hindsight, liquidity was a major driver of a $VIX at 90 and the relentless selling into March 2009.

I was investing. Like a madman. In hindsight, not nearly enough. Yesterday on CNN I did my first ‘cloud dance‘ in celebration of a doubling of $RAX (minute 4).

On February 25th, 2009 I wrote on this blog:

“I truly believe that the growth of the web will return soon and accelerate once again. Those with cash will not sit on it forever and I want to be a part of the next boom even if that means starting Social Leverage during the ‘depression’ of 2009.”

We now have 21 investments in the holding company and two exits. We may be at a top, but that was a generational bottom.

America has INVENTED and taken a massive massive lead in entrepreneurial mentoring so while the bears scramble, America will explode in startups. I love this post from Udayan Gupta from Institutional Investor on the subject of Angel investing and not only because I am in it.

While I am a happy bull, I am also a cranky capitalist. Our government debt is going to come home to roost one day.

I was picking up my daughter yesterday from a friend’s house whose father is away in the Persian Gulf on aircraft carrier with 6,000 others for the next six months. Breaks my heart. Her mom was telling me the story about one of the crewmen that jumped off the ship and how the ship wasted a few hours getting him back aboard. ‘What a waste of taxpayers dollars’, she said.

If we had bankers, government officials and leaders that cared about taxpayer money as much as this mom, I would be a happy capitalist too.


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