I am addicted to TechMeme – Today's Viral Buzz concerns VENTURE CAPITAL – is it over?

I love TechMeme. It has all the news I want with just enough gossip and bias to make it real.

If there is news in Tech, the blogosphere has it and Gabe has figured out the best way on the web to get everyone conversing.

This morning I was reading about Sevin Rosen returning $250 million of their 10th venture fund money. First thought into my head is wait until other Venture Capitalist’s chime in. They are the ones that created the mess for Sevin in the first place. The investor’s are and will alway’s be pretty much clueless. The entrepreneurs will always be quick to panic.

As I pretty much expected, the negative piling on started. ” Oh my god it’s bad, the VC business is done, his fault, her fault, my fault, your fault.”


How about this : Things EVOLVE. Once we walked with our knuckles on the ground. Today we use CUTLERY!

As it related to the internet and tech, my friend Fred has “THE” post on the subject . Read it.

I added my two cents in the comments:

So much hype these days and “oh my gods” because everyone has a voice and to rise above the noise people choose (and/or feel the need) to sensationalize.

To me that just creates MORE opportunity, not less. Less is more in every industry EXCEPT – creativity. You never have enough of that in this era of cheap bandwith and cheap global distribution. If you need $250 million to make waves in this day and age – you and your investors are suckers.

Have a great Saturday. Sunny and 80 degrees here in Phoenix.


  1. Fraser says:

    great post re. the opportunity (necessity?) around the evolution of venture capital investing.

    however, I find techmeme at times to aggregate too much noise. I don’t want to read someones post that simply is a quote/summary of the other posts of techmeme — Gabe should be able to build algorithms to filter those posts.

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