I am Irrationally Exuberant

I am back from a long work trip to New York.

The trip was longer than the crypto bear market.

I am thrilled to be out of the cold. My joints were really starting to ache. It tuns out eating pizza every night does not help my knees.

I spent a lot of time meeting with founders and I remain irrationally exuberant about investing opportunities and the Social Leverage portfolio of companies.

The markets remain in beast mode. As further fuel, there are trillions that will flow back into the US from the tax breaks. If that was not enough, Softbank just sprinkled some quantitative Uber easing into the economy and there are hundreds of new cash rich Uber millionaires that wont just sit and count. They want to invest.

While smartphones, FANG and the social web is getting trounced on right now for contributing to the end of the world, I am doubling down on my time it seems as I continue to find smart people that as Jeff Bezos likes to say, will help me look around corners.

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